Bringing the Galaxy to the Classroom

Indian Ridge Elementary School in collaboration with the Living CLoser Foundation is the first in the nation to integrate the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet into the classroom on a one to one basis.

The mission of this project is to explore how young minds can become innovators with the newest technology and a galaxy of information at their fingertips. We hope to see the students take control of their learning environment and use this information to become innovative and critical thinkers with a passion for life-long learning.

A New Era in Education

There is a wealth of information available today demonstrating the need for radical change in our public education system. Rising high school dropout rates, disengaged kids in our classrooms, high unemployment rates after graduation and difficulty finding employment in their chosen field…these are just a few of the identified issues facing children and young adults in our country. Innovation in our educators and our classrooms seems more imperative and critical now than it’s ever bee

How do we successfully address these issues?

- How can we reach kids and ignite their natural curiosity and interest in learning, problem solving, and  creative   play?

- How do we help them develop their full potential to become the uniquely talented individuals they inherently are?

21st Century Problem Solving through a Blended Learning Approach

The Living Closer Foundation is keenly interested in exploring and supporting new models of learning and engagement in our schools. We are particularly inspired by emerging innovations in education that provide children with access to the world’s information and empower them to meet the diverse and unpredictable needs of the 21st century.

The implementation of a blended learning system into schools is one of the leading edge advances currently under exploration across the country. Such systems incorporate a degree of online delivery of content and instruction. They also offer a variety of modules of interactive learning that take into account variations in student learning styles as well as differences in pace and mastering concepts.

We have embarked on a dedicated year of research and discovery to see how such new models are being developed and implemented in a variety of settings across the country.

First in the Nation!

In collaboration with the Cherry Creek School Division and the staff and students at Indian Ridge Elementary School, in the spring of 2013 we helped launch the first public school in the nation to implement the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet into every classroom on a 1:1 basis.

- Our goals in this pilot project are multifaceted: We are eager to participate in the types of changes that occur with the application of blended learning approaches to education and observe, firsthand, the impact on students and teachers as they adopt these changes.

- We hope to better understand how young minds adapt and flourish when they have access to powerful technological tools and a ‘galaxy of information’ at their fingertips.

- We aim to help inspire in young students a passion for lifelong learning and a sense of enthusiasm for mastering new and complex concepts.

- And, we plan to document and share our experiences with other schools, divisions, and organizations to co-create an emerging network of broader collaboration and best practice.

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